Lessons learned from a Christian computational chemist

At Grove City College, STEM majors get more than just a great technical education that prepares them to succeed in work or graduate school. They benefit from the experience of accomplished professionals in their field who share their values and worldview.

The Chemistry Department in February hosted Dr. Adel Olsen, of Naylor Olsen Consulting, who presented a seminar entitled “Lessons Learned from a Christian Computational Chemist.” Olson discussed her career and life path and the way God has directed her steps in the many decisions she made, including choosing which college to attend, pursuing a doctorate, searching for a job, marrying and having a family and eventually starting her own business.

She also met with faculty and students outside of the seminar to talk about science, careers and life in general.

Olson’s lecture demonstrates the active community of learning in the College’s scientific disciplines and the ways that faculty and students integrate their personal faith journeys with careers in the STEM fields.


Lessons learned from a Christian computational chemist

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