Professional Attire

There is much to be said for leaving a positive first impression with a prospective employer.  And much of that comes down to what a person wears to his/her interview. For interviews, the CSO recommends the following attire to dress for success:

Proper Attire for Men:
The standard job interviewing attire for men is a conservative dark navy, black or gray two-piece business suit (of natural fibers, such as wool, if possible), a white long-sleeved button-down dress shirt, a conservative silk tie (that matches the colors in your suit), and nicely polished dress shoes.
Your belt should always match your shoes.
If you have a beard or mustache, your facial hair should be neatly trimmed. If you have any visible body parts pierced, most experts recommend removing all jewelry, including earrings.
Dark socks.
Proper Attire for Women: 
Skirt suits vs. pant suits (skirt suits – better for the traditional industries, like accounting, banking, investments, law).
Skirt length should be a little below the knee and never shorter than above the knee. Avoid wearing a dress (unless accented with a jacket). Blouses should be cotton or silk and should be white, or some other light color.
Modest heel for women and conservative (watch being too trendy); closed-toe shoes.
Minimal make-up, with lipstick and nail polish in conservative tones. Pantyhose should be flawless (no runs) and conservative in color.

Business Casual Examples:
• Khaki pants
• Golf shirts
• Dress shirts (button-downs) without a tie
• Skirts
• Sweaters/twin-sets
• Blouses that are not low cut or revealing

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Professional Etiquette (Copyright (c) 2012 by College Recruitment Media, Inc., Geneva, IL)

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