Current Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

Grove City College students are an ideal pool of candidates for any organization that is interested in hiring for full-time positions. They seek work in a wide range of fields and types of positions, and bring an array of skills and talents, as well as experience and solid academic preparation. See below to find out the number of students in each major for this year’s senior class (December 2016 and May/Summer 2017 graduates) that you can hire into your organization this school year.


Accounting 29
Total Accounting Majors 29 = 5%


Business Management 30
Finance 13
International Business 8
Marketing Management 25
Total Business Majors 76 = 12%

Communication and Visual Arts

Communication Studies 42
Total Communication Studies Majors 42 = 7%

Computer Science

Computer Science 26
Computer Information Systems 7
Total Computer Majors 33 = 5%


Economics 10
Total Economics Majors 10 = 2%


Biology and General Science Secondary Education 3
Chemistry and General Science Secondary Education 1
English and Secondary Education 8
English and Communications Secondary Education 1
French and K-12 Education 2
History and Social Studies Secondary Education 1
Math and Secondary Education 3
Middle Level Math/English 3
Middle Level Science/Math 2
Music Education 11
Physics and General Science Secondary Education 1
PreK-4 Elementary Education 23
PreK-8 Special Education 22
Spanish and K-12 Education 3
Total Education Majors 84 = 14%


Electrical Engineering 26
Mechanical Engineering 41
Total Engineering Majors 67 = 11%


Entrepreneurship 12
Total Entrepreneurship Majors 12 = 2%

Industrial Management (Business, Quality Management & Engineering)

Industrial Management 3
Total Industrial Management Majors 3 = .5%

Liberal Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences

Biblical & Religious Studies 17
English 20
History 16
Political Science 27
Philosophy 3
Psychology 31
Sociology 13
Total Liberal Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences Majors 127 = 21%


Mathematics 11
Total Mathematics Majors 11 = 2%

Modern Languages

French 2
Spanish 3
Total Modern Language Majors 5 = 1%


Music 3
Music/Business 4
Music/Performance 1
Total Music Majors 8 = 1%

Physical Education

Exercise Science 29
Total Exercise Science Majors 29 = 5%


Applied Physics/Computer 1
Biochemistry 17
Biology 52
Biology/Health 2
Chemistry 5
Physics 2
Total Science Majors 79 = 13%
Total Seniors: 615


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