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Special Interest Groups

The purpose of the Grove City Chapter of The Alexander Hamilton Society is outlined by the national organization: “The Hamilton Society will build a national network of these outstanding students and faculty – in effect, a “virtual university” – which will provide what our universities have failed to produce: vital, constructive debate on foreign, economic, and national security policy, as well as opportunities for students to flourish intellectually, professionally and personally.”

The purpose of Ballroom Club is to get anyone looking good and having fun on the dance floor.

If you enjoy the tactics and strategy of one of the greatest games conceived, then the Chess Club is for you.

The mission of College Democrats is to provide a non-conservative alternative for the campus community “a loyal opposition,” thereby promoting a balance of ideas and a respect for all opinions.

The Grove City College Republicans is a group of students who believe in the principles and programs of the Republican Party. The College Republicans conduct voter registration drives, arrange for students to obtain absentee ballots, bring speakers on campus to address the group and work on campaigns during the General Election to better acquaint the students with the Republican philosophy of government.

The Grove City College Fishing Club is focused on fishing the creeks and streams of Western Pennsylvania, starting with the section of Wolf Creek that run through campus. Fly fishing, bait casting, or just a bamboo pole and a bobber are all encouraged. Trying new methods and/or learning new techniques is also encouraged.

The Fugitives is an organization which stands upon the Agrarian tradition. The Fugitives seeks to provide a unique context in which Grove City College students will meet outside of the classroom to further their educations, develop their worldviews and apply their beliefs through action to the world around them. The group furthers its purpose through a variety of activities, with emphasis upon the discussion and critical analysis of various authors’ works.

The purpose of the Middle Eastern Club is to spread knowledge and awareness about the
Middle East, each country’s traditions, and explore the religious minorities of these areas. The
Middle Eastern Club advocates intercultural learning and awareness from a Christian world view
which will help members receive a broader perspective of the world around them.

The Order of St. George is a gaming society whose activities include; board games, medieval recreation (such as the Soc. for Creative Anachronisms), limited role-play, and other recreation activities. OSG encourages creativity, responsibility and social development in its members by running campus-wide activities and donating profits to charities e.g.; Red Box Mission Fund and the Salvation Army.

Those who express themselves through the lens of a camera are prime candidates for the Photo Society, whether for enjoyment, the College yearbook, The Collegian, or wanting to learn more about how to take great pictures.

Poets Anonymous is a student-led poetry writing and discussion group. The club holds weekly meetings in which members both appreciate the beauty of existing poetry and work on honing their own skills. All are welcome to attend.

Shalom Israel shall seek to celebrate the Israeli culture and appreciate the Judeo Christian roots
of our Christian faith by encouraging awareness on the Grove City campus regarding issues
impacting Israel and members of the Jewish faith globally. The organization shall encourage
prayer for peace in this area of the world as it attempts to foster in Grove City College students a
passion for understanding the Jewish faith and supporting Jews throughout the world.

Students Excited About Diversity (S.E.A.D.) seeks to provide a safe and inviting atmosphere in which all students may engage in communal reflection and reconciliation on matters concerning race, ethnicity and culture.

The purpose of the Grove City Libertarians organization is to promote, through education and political activity, the principals and candidates of the Libertarian Party. This group is loosely affiliated with the National Libertarian Party.

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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the principal student governing body.
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​Chapel services are the common expression of our Christian faith as members of the campus community.​​

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Health Services

​Grove City College is committed to its students’ overall health and wellness. The Zerbe Health and Wellness Center is home to friendly and qualified health professionals who have chosen to work specifically with college students. ​​

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Campus Organizations

​There are over 130 student clubs and organizations. Special interest groups, faith-based and service organizations, honorary groups, fraternities and sororities are all led by students and supported by faculty and staff advisors.​

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Campus Life

​When you come to Grove City College, you become a part of a dynamic and supportive community of lifelong learners. ​​

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​Over 93 percent of our students live on campus where they become a part of a friendly, close-knit living and learning community.​​

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