The purpose of The Bridge, the College's yearbook, is to produce an accurate account of the school year in words and pictures. Weekly staff meetings and work times help the staff to meet deadlines and produce a quality publication. Staff positions are open to all students and provide experience for those writers, photographers, and those wishing to learn computer-aided graphic design. Published in the fall semester, the book is partially financed through the Student Activities Committee.

The student newspaper, The Collegian, is owned and published by the College. The paper is published during the fall and spring semesters, with the purposes of reporting happenings on campus and beyond and teaching students responsible journalistic practices. It contains sections for news, perspectives, features, entertainment, religion and sports. Student editors and staff handle writing, editing, photography, layout and all other aspects of newspaper production, except the actual printing. Students may apply for the staff at the Organizational Fair or by contacting the editor.

The Echo is a student-produced creative review, which features student poetry, prose, fiction, photography and artwork. The magazine is published during the spring semester. Students are urged to submit works to the magazine or join the various committees involved in producing The Echo.

The Grove City College Journal of Law and Public Policy was organized in the fall of 2009 and was originally sponsored by the GCC Law Society. The Journal is devoted to the academic discussion of law and public policy and the pursuit of scholarly research. The unique, close-knit nature of the College’s community allows the Journal to feature the work of undergraduates, faculty and alumni, together in one publication, which is a national precedent. Nearly entirely student-managed, the Journal serves as an educational tool for undergraduate students to gain invaluable experience that will be helpful in graduate school and to their future careers. The participation of alumni and faculty editors and the inclusion of alumni and faculty submissions add credence to the publication, as well as to the published work of the undergraduate students, and allows for natural mentoring to take place. This blend of education level and experience, all working toward a single goal, is what makes the Journal truly unique and allows it to serve the needs of undergraduate students and benefit its readership at large.

The Quad is a magazine-type publication that students can submit to and after review can have their work published. Creative non-fiction, book reviews, movie reviews, travelogues and critical non-fiction are just some of the types of work that is accepted.

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Health Services

​Grove City College is committed to its students’ overall health and wellness. The Zerbe Health and Wellness Center is home to friendly and qualified health professionals who have chosen to work specifically with college students. ​​

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The Collegian

The student newspaper, The Collegian, is owned and published by Grove City College. The paper is published weekly, free of charge, with the purpose of reporting happenings on campus and beyond​.

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Ministry Groups

​Students are encouraged to get involved in these groups to learn from one another, make a positive impact on the world and to embark on their spiritual journeys together.​​

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​Chapel services are the common expression of our Christian faith as members of the campus community.​​

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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the principal student governing body.
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​The student meal plan at Grove City College consists of three meals a day, seven days a week​.​

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