Alpha Kappa Delta is the international Sociology honor society. Students with the appropriate Sociology concentration and grade point average are welcome to join.   

Alpha Mu Gamma, the national foreign language honorary and service organization, sponsors several events designed to encourage the study and understanding of other languages and cultures. Requirements for membership are 2.75 overall QPA, six hours of “A” work and three hours of “A” or “B” work in foreign language courses above the 200 level. New members are accepted in the fall and spring. 

To encourage scholarly achievement, the Eta Zeta Chapter limits its active membership to student who indicate a special aptitude and major interest in biology. The students must be a junior or senior biology major with an overall QPA of 3.0 or better. Associate memberships are available to candidates having an overall QPA of 2.5. 

The Crimson and White Society is a group of current students selected to be student ambassadors for Grove City College. By working closely with the Alumni Relations Office and the Advancement department, the Crimson and White Society bridges the gap between students past and present by providing alumni, parents and friends with a realistic assessment and opinion of life at Grove City College. The mission of the Crimson and White Society is to be a meaningful presence at Alumni and Development events where students answer questions about the College, acknowledge the great contributions of all graduates and encourage continued support of the College. Students must have a 2.5 QPA or above and be recommended to apply.

Crown and Sceptre is the sophomore women’s honorary which honors those women who display scholarship, leadership and service during their freshmen year. Freshmen women who attain a 3.0 QPA or better during their first semester are invited to apply. Tapping occurs in the spring. 

Delta Mu Delta is a national honor society established to recognize and reward the superior scholastic achievement of students of business and business related majors. Qualifications to be a member of the Beta Beta chapter include the completion of 64 hours toward bachelor’s degree (12 of which are in business or accounting courses), a minimum of 3.2 QPA in their major and status in the top 20% of their class. New members are inducted twice a year. 

Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Alpha Chapter, is an International Honor Society in Education. The purpose of KDP is to promote excellence in and recognize outstanding contributions to education. It endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship and growth, and honor achievement in education work. Membership is open to all junior and senior Education majors who attain 3.15 and exhibit commendable personal qualities. 

Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honorary, which strives to “develop an appreciation for the beauty in mathematics.” To be eligible for membership, a candidate must be in the top 35% of his class and have completed at least three college courses in mathematics and at least one semester in calculus with a “B” average or better. New members are inducted each semester. 

Kemikos is a local honorary chemical fraternity dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the various disciplines related to chemistry and biochemistry. Candidates must have an overall 3.0 QPA, have a major 3.2 QPA, have completed three semesters of chemistry, and have at least 24 credits in chemistry to be considered for membership. Activities include presentation on current topics in chemistry and an annual spring banquet. 

Lambda Epsilon Delta is the elementary honorary which recognizes juniors and seniors with a QPA of 3.15 or better. Grove City’s Gamma chapter of LED seeks to encourage a high degree of intellectual and professional standards during the period of preparation in the field of elementary education. 

The Beta Iota Chapter of Lambda Iota Tau is an international literary honorary. Candidates must be in at least their fourth semester and have completed 12 hours of literary courses with an overall QPA of 3.1 and a QPA of 3.3 in their literary coursework. A paper of either a scholarly or creative nature, if accepted, earns admission into the society. Activities include a spring dinner, poetry readings, trips to theatrical performances and career seminars and job-hunting services in the communications and literature fields. 

Lambda Pi Eta is the communication honorary for the National Communication Association. The Grove City College chapter was founded in Spring 2004 and bears the chapter name Pi Phi. The purpose of Lambda Pi Eta is to recognize, foster and reward outstanding achievement in the field of communications; stimulate interest in the field of communications; promote and encourage professional development among communications majors and alumni; provide and opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas about the field; establish and maintain close relationships and understanding between faculty and students and explore options for graduate studies.

Mortar Board is a national honor society for senior college students. Members are chosen from among second semester juniors with QPA’s of 3.3 or higher. Candidates are also chosen for their leadership and service to the college community. Mortar Board presents Dessert Theatre once each semester. In cooperation with Omicron Delta Kappa, the society is responsible for Faculty Follies, Recognition Convocation, Man and Woman of the Year, as well as the Sportsman/Sportswoman of the Year Award. 

Omicron Delta Epsilon is an international honorary in the field of economics. The honorary promotes communication and scholastic discourse between students and faculty locally and globally. Students also have access to scholarly journals where their work may be published.

Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership honor society which aims to recognize junior and senior men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities. New members are tapped in the spring and fall of each year. In concert with Mortar Board ODK is also responsible for the Senior Man and Woman of the Year Award and the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Award. Members are eligible to receive the Frederick S. Kring Leadership Award for use in the senior year.

Phi Alpha Theta is an international honorary in history, which strives to recognize excellence in the study of history. The chapter awards an annual history prize to an outstanding senior each spring. To be eligible for membership, a student must at least have 12 history credits with at least one “A” and meet a required QPA standard. New members are accepted in both the spring and fall. 

Phi Sigma Tau is a society dedicated to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and personal interest in philosophy, to promote student interest in research and advanced study in this field, to provide opportunities for the publication of student research of merit, to encourage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in this field, and to popularize interest in philosophy among the general collegiate population.

Pi Gamma Mu is a national social science honorary. Its’ dual purpose is 1.) to recognize achievement in the field of social science and 2.) to inspire social service to humanity. Membership is open to all juniors and seniors who have completed 20 hours with a 3.25 average in the social sciences and also have a minimum 3.1 QPA. 

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national collegiate honor society for students of political science. The Alpha Alpha Sigma chapter is open to all junior and senior political science majors and minors who meet these qualifications: at least 10 hours of political science classes completed, including at least six hours above 200 level, QPA of 3.0 and major QPA of 3.4 and ranking in the top third of their class. New members can be inducted each semester.

Phi Chi is a national honorary, which recognizes excellence in the study of psychology. The chapter enables psychology students to gain information about educational and career opportunities within the field of psychology. This honorary also provides an environment to develop psychological perspectives.

Roundtable is the sophomore men’s honorary, which honors men who display scholarship, leadership and service during their freshman year. Those freshman men who attain 3.0 or better during their semester are invited to apply. Tapping occurs in the spring of each year. 

The Grove City chapter of the National Physics Honorary Society, Sigma Pi Sigma, is for students of high scholastic achievement in the field of physics. 

Tau Alpha Pi serves to encourage participation and creativity in the various aspects of the theatre arts. Tau Alpha Pi sponsors the student directed One Act Festival in the spring and annually honors theatre participation for outstanding achievements. Bids to the honorary are awarded after the final performance of the last play each semester of the sophomore year and membership is based on points earned by theatre participation.

Theta Alpha Kappa is a national society to recognize excellence in the study of religion and theology. The College chapter “Alpha Eta Eta” recognizes scholastic achievement by students, encourage participation in on-campus and intercollegiate academic writing competitions, seminars and professional conferences. In general they support and further the study of religion and theology on campus and in the great academic community.

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