This committee is composed of members of the administration and food service, along with student representatives from Association of Women Students and Men's Activity Board. The committee members discuss recommendations, suggestions and special meals. Members of the committee and the Student Government Association welcome all ideas that may help to sustain a quality campus food service that is responsive, whenever possible, to student desires.

The Homecoming Committee organizes all campus-wide Homecoming activities, including the parade, float contest, the dance and other student events, pre-game and half-time programs and court elections for Homecoming Queen.

The Parents’ Weekend Committee organizes all activities of the annual weekend, established to recognize parents for the contribution to the educational experiences of their children. Among many activities are the recognition convocation, spring pageant and the dance show, all-college sing, student art exhibit, orchestra and theater productions.   

The Religious Activities Committee consists of faculty members, administrators and 10 to 12 students drawn from the three upper classes. Its purpose is to organize, coordinate, assist and encourage Christian activities on campus.

Residences Hall Council is an important sounding board for both students and College administration to exchange ideas and insights regarding policies and practice within the residence halls. Members of AWS and MGB serve as co-chairs of the Council and then students "at-large" are asked to deliberate on important housing issues with Student Life staff. 

This program is responsible for bringing cultural events of the highest quality to campus every year, and is in effect an extension of the academic program. These cultural events include professional theater, ballet and opera companies, and symphonies, vocal and instrumental ensembles, as well as occasional special events.

One of the standing committees of the College, the Student Activities Committee serves several functions at Grove City. The most important duty is to allocate funds to various student organizations on campus, subject to the approval of the Administrative Council. 

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​Chapel services are the common expression of our Christian faith as members of the campus community.​​

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Office of International Education

​At Grove City College, we believe that travel is essential for growth. That’s why we make it as easy and affordable as possible for our students to study abroad.

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Campus Life

​When you come to Grove City College, you become a part of a dynamic and supportive community of lifelong learners. ​​

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Campus Organizations

​There are over 130 student clubs and organizations. Special interest groups, faith-based and service organizations, honorary groups, fraternities and sororities are all led by students and supported by faculty and staff advisors.​

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Health Services

​Grove City College is committed to its students’ overall health and wellness. The Zerbe Health and Wellness Center is home to friendly and qualified health professionals who have chosen to work specifically with college students. ​​

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Campus Ministries

​At Grove City College, you’re free to pursue your spiritual life as seriously and freely as you want. There are many thriving student ministry groups on campus that will help you to nurture your own spiritual development.​​
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