Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

All full-time students (12 credits or more) must annually demonstrate health insurance coverage in order to attend Grove City College. For those students covered under an alternative insurance plan (via a parent, guardian, etc.), health insurance information must be provided to the College using the myGCC Health Insurance Portal as indicated below. Part-time students (11 hours or less) are not required to submit their information nor are they eligible to purchase the College plan.

For those students without alternative coverage, the College partners with UnitedHealthcare to offer a Student Injury and Sickness Plan. The cost of annual coverage for 2017-2018 is $1,556, which runs from Aug. 15, 2017, to Aug. 14, 2018. Please know the College does not retain or benefit from any portion of the premium, and students are welcome to purchase insurance elsewhere should they desire. For more details on the coverage of this plan, go to and select Grove City College from the drop down menu.

All students are required to submit their health insurance status via myGCC and may do so beginning May 1 for the upcoming academic year. Once logged in to the portal, under the Student menu, open the Health Insurance portlet, and make a selection to either purchase the College plan or enter current, valid health insurance information. If a student participates in a Healthcare Sharing Ministry instead of a traditional plan, please provide the name of the ministry utilized on the portlet. Health insurance details provided to the College will be kept private and confidential. Only those employees with access to student health records will be able to view the detailed information.

Students are required to submit this information each academic year. If a student has a change in health insurance status during the academic year, the change must be submitted through the Health Insurance portlet at that time. If a student loses coverage mid-year under their original plan, the student may qualify to purchase the College plan under a Qualifying Life Event upon providing proof of involuntary loss of coverage within 30 days of losing coverage. The student should contact the Student Accounts Office immediately upon loss of coverage to determine if they are eligible for mid-year enrollment in the College plan.

For questions, please contact the Student Accounts Office at (724) 458-2209.