Student Accounts

​Student Accounts

​Grove City College Student Account Billing Information 2017-2018
STUDENT ACCOUNT: The student account reflects all tuition, room and board, course fees and other charges. Payments and financial aid (scholarships and loans) are recorded as credits that reduce the student account balance. The College considers the student financially responsible for their student account. Accordingly, all correspondence is addressed to the student and will be sent to the student’s GCC email address. If the student is receiving financial assistance from a parent or guardian, it is the student’s responsibility to forward all correspondence regarding the student account.
ONLINE STUDENT ACCOUNT ACCESS: Log into your myGCC account at using your student ID number and password (issued in your acceptance letter). Once you are logged in, click on the Financial Info menu. Find the My Account Information portlet and click on the My Account Balance link. To view your student account statement, click on Course and Fee Statement, Generate my Course and Fee Statement, and then View my Course and Fee Statement.  Students can create a separate Parent Portal Account for parents/guardians to grant access to their Student Account, Financial Aid, Housing, and/or Registration information. Instructions are located under the Quick Links on myGCC.
Fall Semester..................................................  August 1, 2017
Winter Online Session....................................  December 14, 2017
Spring Semester / January Intersession.....  January 5, 2018
Housing Deposit.............................................  To Be Announced
May Intersession............................................. May 18, 2018
Summer Session (commencing in June)..... June 1, 2018
Summer Session (commencing in July)....... July 2,2018

In order to be considered fully registered and enrolled your student account balance must be paid in full before the payment deadline. Unpaid balances result in a hold on your account and you will not receive grades or be permitted to register for future semesters until the balance is paid. Any changes to your schedule, housing status or financial aid will affect your outstanding balance. For the official payment policy, please refer to Payment Policy. If you are unable to pay your account in full prior to the payment deadline, contact the Student Accounts Office before the payment deadline at or (724)458-2209.
ELECTRONIC CHECK: Electronic check (e-check) payments may be made by using your bank’s nine digit routing number and checking account number. There is no charge to make an e-check payment; the payment is simply withdrawn from your checking account the following business day.
CREDIT CARDS: Credit card payments may also be made for a 2.75% convenience fee of each transaction (the fee goes directly to CASHNet, a third-party payment processing company, and does not benefit the College). Credit cards can only be accepted as outlined below and cannot be processed in the Student Accounts Office or over the phone.
To make either an e-check or credit card payment using your student login:

Log into using your student ID number and password.
Click on the Financial Info Menu.
Under My Account Info select Go to CASHNet.
Follow the checkout process. 

To make either an e-check or credit card payment using a parent portal login:
Log into using the parent ID number (not email) and password.
Select the Parent Menu and under View my Students, click on student’s name.
Scroll down and select Student Account Information.
Select My Account Balances, Go to CASHNet, and continue the checkout process. 

The payment will be processed by CASHNet and will be posted to your student account.

CHECK or MONEY ORDER: If you are unable to pay online, please use this link to print the remittance form at Form for Mailing Payment and mail to:
Student Accounts Cashier
Grove City College
100 Campus Drive
Grove City, PA 16127
529 TUITION SAVINGS PLANS: If you are expecting a disbursement from a 529 Tuition Savings Plan to pay for all or a portion of your charges, please notify the Student Accounts Office at before each semester's payment deadline with the following information: student’s name, ID number, name and state of the savings plan, amount to be disbursed and expected date of disbursement.
CRIMSON CASH ACCOUNT: The Crimson Cash Account is a declining balance account on the Grove City College Campus ID Card. The card may be used to pay for purchases at participating campus locations (Bookstore, GeDunk, Print Services, Registrar's Office) up to the amount of the prepaid card account balance. The Crimson Cash Account does not automatically interact with the Student Account. Funds are only transferred between the accounts upon request by email to or in person at the Student Accounts Office.  Funds can be carried over to subsequent academic years. Any remaining funds are refunded upon graduation or withdrawal.
You can view your Crimson Cash balance and make deposits any time electronically via e-check or credit card through the myGCC portal under the Financial Info menu. Cash deposits can be made at the Automated Deposit Machines (ADM) located in the Student Union. Cash or check deposits are accepted during business hours at the Cashier's Window, 2nd Floor Crawford Hall. If you work on campus, you can request a percentage of your paycheck be placed onto your Crimson Cash account on the Crimson Cash portlet under Financial Info on myGCC.
REFUNDS: Refunds of overpayments on your student account may be requested by contacting All estimated financial aid credits, such as state grants or GCC loans, must be received by the College before you will get a full refund of your account. If you have an estimated credit on your account and you need money to purchase books, you may request up to $500.00 until we receive all your estimated credits. Refunds will not be issued until after the first day of classes. Refunds can be issued via check, direct deposit (must be enrolled via payroll), or can be placed on your Crimson Cash Account.
BOOKSTORE: Purchases in the Grove City College Bookstore can be paid by cash, check, Crimson Cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover). Students using credit cards must have both the credit card and either a valid student I.D. or driver’s license with them at the time of purchase. Student account credit is not extended for any bookstore purchases.
SCHOLARSHIPS: It is important to note that all scholarships are divided between two semesters unless the Financial Aid Office has notification in writing from the donor that the scholarship is to be applied to a single semester only. The Financial Aid Office must receive written notification each year of all Outside Scholarships which you are expecting. For further information on Outside Scholarships, please click on this link: Outside Scholarship Policy
LOANS: Please apply for loans in a timely manner to allow sufficient time for loan funds to be processed and received prior to the payment due date. The application process contains several steps. Please monitor your mail and email throughout the process for important notifications that require immediate action by borrower and co-signer. Failure to respond promptly could result in significant delays in completion of your loan. Missing or incomplete information will also cause delays in your loan application and disbursement. These delays could result in your student account being unpaid at the payment deadline for which you would be charged a $40 late payment fee. For further information on Loans, please use the following link: Loans
ENROLLMENT WITHDRAWAL: Students planning to withdraw or transfer from GCC must contact Enrollment Services at 724-458-2177 to complete the exit interview process.
ADDITIONAL HELP: For further questions, please contact the appropriate office:

Tuition/Fees/Payments ... Student Accounts

Scholarships/Loans ... Financial Aid

Housing ... Student Life and Learning

Scheduling ... Registrar

Withdrawal/Transfer from GCC ... Enrollment Services