Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment Program at Grove City College

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The Dual Enrollment Program at Grove City College provides high-achieving high school students with academically rigorous courses beyond those available at the secondary level. Courses are offered to qualifying students who are in a junior or senior grade level in either public, private or home education.

Suggested courses for fall 2017

Why Consider Dual Enrollment?
Students who participate in the Dual Enrollment Program have the option to attend a wider selection of academically challenging courses.

In some cases students will receive high school and college credit simultaneously. However, It is the responsibility of the student to find out if the course they wish to take will transfer back to their high school for credit.

By taking college courses in high school, students are able to explore different fields of study and can possibly determine the academic major they wish to pursue at an earlier stage.

High school juniors and seniors who have participated in a dual enrollment program typically have a smoother transition to full-time college student status. For questions regarding the Dual Enrollment Program email dualenrollment@gcc.edu.

A Reasonable Tuition Cost... just for you!
The tuition cost per credit during the 2016-2017 academic year is $165 per credit hour for Dual Enrollment Program classes. While most college courses are three credits, courses with associated laboratories generally are four credits. Additionally, published course-related fees are the responsibility of the student. Financial Aid is not available for students in the Dual Enrollment Program.
How Do I Apply?
Complete the Dual Enrollment Application for Admission, answering all questions that pertain to you. The completed application must include the following documents (an incomplete application will cause delays in processing.):

     • School Authorization Form
     • Parental Consent Form
     • Official High School Transcript

The application deadline for the fall semester is Aug. 15 and Jan. 15 for the spring semester.

Applications and other documents may be submitted in the following ways. Choose one:


By mail: Grove City College
     Office of Admission
     100 Campus Drive
     Grove City, PA 16127


By email: admissions@gcc.edu 

By fax: 724-458-3395



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