Early Decision vs. Regular Decision

​Early Decision vs. Regular Decision

Early Decision Program

Students who are prepared to make a binding commitment to Grove City College as their first choice school should apply under the Early Decision program. A student should not apply for Early Decision unless the student fully expects to accept an admission offer from Grove City College.
This program requires the submission of the application and all supporting documents by a postmark deadline of November 1 (Early Decision I) or December 1 (Early Decision II); decisions will be mailed on December 15 (Early Decision I) or January 15 (Early Decision II). Students applying to Grove City under the Early Decision program should not apply to any other institution through its Early Decision program. A student who has applied Early Decision agrees, upon acceptance, to withdraw applications to all other institutions and submit no additional applications.
Is Early Decision for you? Visit our Admission Blog post for a detailed explanation of Early Decision.
Students who require a financial aid estimate should contact our Financial Aid Office at 724-458-3300 during the application process. Those who are not accepted and deferred for admission at Early Decision may be considered again with the Regular Decision applicant group and will be notified of their admission status on February 20, unless the student is denied admission.
Accepted students should reply by a postmark deadline of January 15 (Early Decision I) or February 15 (Early Decision II), with the non-refundable payment of $250.


Regular Decision Program

For those students who are considering several colleges, or for students who are not prepared to make a commitment to Grove City at Early Decision, we recommend the Regular Decision program.
Applicants seeking Regular Decision must submit the application and all supporting documents by a postmark deadline of January 20 admissions decisions will be mailed on February 20. Accepted students should reply by a postmark deadline of May 1, with the non-refundable payment of $250.
Applications received after the January 20 deadline will be considered late, and if acceptable, will be placed on a waiting list.

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