College Receptions

Off-Campus Receptions​​

FEBRUARY 7, 2015

          Friendly Hills Country Club
          8500 South Villaverde Drive
          Whittier, CA

Prospective students, families, guidance counselors, youth pastors and friends – join us for a unique opportunity to:
  • Learn about Grove City College, one of America’s finest colleges
  • Gain insight into scholarship, financial aid tips and the value of a private liberal arts college education
  • Secure an edge on the college search
  • Network with alumni
  • Meet and hear the vision of President Paul J. McNulty


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Authentically Christian

Imagine an environment where academic and spiritual life blend harmoniously and the teachings and life of Jesus Christ play a role in guiding academic inquiry, scholarship and achievement.

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Academic Life

​Grove City College has a reputation for high academic standards.

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Admissions Events

Grove City College seeks talented young men and women from around the world to bring their demonstrated academic abilities, work ethic and maturity to campus.

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Diversity at Grove City College

​Many lessons can be attained in an environment that is multicultural, intellectual and social.

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International Applicants

​The Admissions Committee considers each applicant individually using the following criteria in making its selection

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Commuter Life

​​If you live nearby, commuting is another way to experience Grove City College. ​​

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