Geneneral Timeline

General Timeline

​College Freshman Year

     1. Explore career options.
     2. Research 10 schools that relate to your health field.
          a. What are prerequisite class requirements.
          b. Cost.
          c. MCAT average acceptance (or appropriate exam).
          d. GPA average acceptance.
     3. Join the Pre-Health Society (PHS).
     4. Apply to summer internship programs
     5. Shadow professionals
     6. Join professional societies such as:
          a. American Chemical Society (ACS).
          b. Beta Beta Beta (BBB).
     7. Apply to summer enrichment programs.
     8. Find a mentor.
     9. Study, serve and balance time wisely.
     10. Major in something you would like having for a career.
     11. Meet with your faculty advisor (typically spring semester).
     12. Talk to your parents.
     13. Pray about it.

Summer Following Freshman Year

     1. Volunteer/Intern in your selected health field.
     2. Shadow professionals.
     3. Explore Financial Aid Options (FAP).

College Sophomore Year

     1. Repeat steps 1 to 13 of Freshman Year.
     2. Work as a Laboratory Assistant.
     3. Look into research opportunities on campus.
     4. Look into service projects.
     5. Start thinking about who will write your recommendation letters.
     6. Look into Inner-City Outreach programs.
     7. Check-out Intersession courses that relate to the medical field.
     8. Attend the Career Fair.
     9. Attend the Health Professions Career Fair.
     10. Apply for summer research, internship or enrichment programs such as the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program.
     11. Meet with your faculty advisor.

Summer Following Sophomore Year

     1. Volunteer/Intern in your selected health field.
     2. Review appropriate application documents (AMCAS).
     3. Review exam registration process (MCAT).
     4. Look into Fee Assistance Programs (FAP).

College Junior Year

     1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss:
          a. The plan you have prepared.
          b. What health field do you want to enter.
          c. Taking a gap or a growth year.
          d. Post-Bac. Programs.
          e. When to take the your Professional Exams (MCAT).
    (If not taking a gap year then:)
     2. Set up recommendation letters.
     3. Register for your professional exams. Register early!
     4. Begin filling out the appropriate application documents (AMCAS).
     5. Ask the Career Services Office (CSO) to set up mock interviews.
     6. Attend the Career Fair.
     7. Attend the Health Professions Career Fair.
     8. Attend the Internship Fair.
     9. Take standardized exams for your health field.
     10. Start the application process.
     11. Request reference letters.
     12. Pray About it!

Summer Following Junior Year

     1. Finalize and submit your application documents.
     2. Ask instructors, mentors and advisors to write letters of recommendation for you.
     3. Volunteer/intern in your selected health field.
     4. Apply to pre-health programs.

College Senior Year

     1. Prepare for Interviews.
     2. Service projects.
     3. Get Interview tips from professionals in your field.
     4. Receive letters of acceptance or rejection.
     5. Secondary applications (as applicable).
     6. If accepted complete FAFSA and Financial aid forms..
     7. If rejected.
          a. Consider a gap year.
          b. Consider post-baccalaureate studies.
     8. Find a place to live!
     9. Exit Interview.