​Forms ​and Documents​


     •  GCC Office of International Education Study Abroad Information Packet (PDF)



Please note that you are required to have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to study abroad.


This form is needed to get the courses that you have chosen to take abroad approved and must be turned in to the OIE by the deadline (Oct. 15 for Spring study abroad, Mar. 15 for Summer and Fall study abroad).  You must fill this form out on your computer and print it, and then have each department chair initial their approval on the right hand side.  You must also provide a syllabus for each course listed on this form, and documentation that the courses are offered in the time period that you are abroad.  Your advisor must also approve the form before you turn it in to the OIE.

     •  Grove City College Course Approval Form

These forms do not need to be returned to us, but you should read them because they will help you fill out the Course Approval Form:

     •  Grove City College Department Chairs

     •  Department of Business Policy

Use this form if you need to make changes to the courses that you have already had approved:

     •  Grove City College Course Change Request Form

This form is a sample of the form that you will fill out in the Financial Aid office:

Study Abroad Acknowledgement Agreement Sample


     •  Passport and Visa Information
     •  Immunization for Travelers
     •  Important Visa Information




Click on link to myGCC and then click on the Faculty tab after logging in.  Forms are located under "handouts"  for the  Office of International Education.