Faculty Led Courses 2014

January 2015

HUMA 302 | Modern Civilization in International Perspective
Led by: Dr. Bardy and Dr. Coulter
Location: France – European Study Center, Normandy, Paris
Dates: Jan. 7-18, 2015

SSFT 210 | Science and Religion
Led by: Dr. Seybold and Dr. Graham
Location: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
Dates: Jan. 5-14, 2015

EDUC 290 | Studies Course – Teaching English Language Learners
Led by: Dr. Blackburn
Location: Naples, Florida
Dates: Jan. 8-19, 2015

March 2015

Led by: Dr. Andrew Harvey
Location: Staunton, VA
Dates: March 6-9, 2015

May 2015

SSFT 212 | Origins - The Great Debate (FULL)
Led by: Dr. Erik Anderson and Dr. Bardy
Location: London, England, Paris and Nantes, France
Dates: May 17-28, 2015
Led by: Dr. Bancroft and Dr. Harmon
Location: Nantes and Paris, France, and Basel, Switzerland
Dates: May/June, 2015
HUMA 201 or RELI 237 | Scotland and England: Religion and Society, Past and Present (FULL)
Led by: Dr. Bibza and Dr. Schaefer
Location: Scotland and England   
Dates: May 18-May 26, 2015
Led by: Dr. Blackburn
Location: Detroit, MI
Dates: May 18-May 29, 2015
Led by: Dr. Farone
Location: Crow Reservation, MT
Dates: May 2015
Led by: Dr. Harvey and Dr. Potter   
Location: Greece and Rome   
Dates: May 18-May 31, 2015

May 2016

POLS 301, 341 or SOCI 375, 356 | Political Science and Sociology   

Led by: Dr. Stanton  
Location: Botswana   
Dates: May 2016 

SCIC 203 | Chemistry
Led by: Dr. Kriley
Location: Costa Rica
Dates: May 2016

HUMA 201 or PHIL 336 | Augustine and Aquinas
Led by: Dr. Graham and Dr. DiQuattro   
Location: Naples,Rome and Milan, Italy and Paris, France   
Dates: May 17-May 29, 2016

EDUC 488 or SEDU 101 | Issues in Education and Exceptional Learners
Led by: Dr. Genareo and Dr. Culbertson
Location: London, Paris and Amsterdam
Dates: May 2016 (11 days)