Study Abroad in France


1. Why should I study abroad?

  • Experience a completely new environment and to learn how people live in other cultures.  
  • Class work in a foreign country expands the mind.
  • Encounters outside of the classroom are both educational and exciting. 
  • You will return with a broader, deeper understanding both of another country and of your own cultural background.  
  • Spending time learning and living abroad helps set you apart in a competitive job market.
  • Students who study abroad return home more adaptable and open to new ideas.
  • For more first hand testimonials from students who have studied abroad, please visit our Current Students page.

2. From visas, to passports, to choosing courses - isn’t it a hassle to go abroad?

With the OIE here to help you, the process is simplified: 

  • We have affiliate programs that we work with very closely in order to make the process of studying abroad as easy as possible. If you decide to go with an affiliate program, the OIE will walk you through the whole process - from choosing a program, to filling out an application, to travel, and even to re-entry to the United States.  
  • The OIE works closely with all department chairs and the registrar in order to ensure that your courses are equivalent to courses offered here at GCC.  
  • We can even take passport pictures right here on campus and help you obtain health insurance coverage.

As long as you make the effort, the OIE serves to make your studying abroad process simpler and smoother. 

3. Do I have to be a language major (or at least fluent in another language) to study abroad?

No.  Study abroad is for everybody!  All majors on campus are able to study abroad, although some majors will require a good deal of planning --- so start early!  As far as language is concerned, we have had students study in countries without prior language experience.  If you would like to familiarize yourself with a language that you have not studied, the OIE provides instant access to Mango Language Learning Software for Grove City College students and faculty (use your GCC email and password to register). Your study abroad will run more smoothly if you are familiar with the language of the country in which you choose to study, so please take advantage of Mango.

4. Can I afford to study abroad?

The OIE tries to keep every affiliated program as close to the cost of a semester at Grove City College as possible.  There may be additional costs such as airfare, housing, or food, depending on which program you choose.  However, the OIE has many scholarships available to qualified students.  With enough planning and forethought, anyone can study abroad – even those on tight budgets. 

5. Is studying abroad safe?

Nobody can guarantee complete safety in a foreign country, but the OIE does its best to keep students and parents updated on any potentially unsafe conditions. Before you travel, the OIE provides informational sessions and handouts to help you learn how to remain as safe as possible while abroad.   

6. Where can I find more information about international travel?

Country information from the State Department
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
Currency exchange rates
World museums
Cultural Information 
Cultural Adjustment
CIA World Fact Book

7. What if I don’t have time to go abroad for an entire semester?

The OIE provides many intersession and summer experiences abroad in addition to their semester long experiences.  Please visit the Faculty Led Courses page for details on up-coming programs.  There is no limit on the number of Faculty Led Short Term Programs that a student may participate in.  Typically, these courses involve several weeks abroad during which students can earn 3-6 credits. ​

All of our program providers have programs for summer study, and most have programs for study during the first few weeks of January (take caution that the program does not overlap with the start of the spring semester). Another unique possibility is our South Korea program (BIP), which takes place from late June to late July.  See this page for more information on this great opportunity available to GCC students for $300 and the cost of a plane ticket!