Related Resources​​​

Recommended resources by the Department of Sociology faculty at Grove City College include:

The American Sociological Association

Association of Christians Teaching Sociology

SocioSite (Sociology Information)

Sociological Tour Through CyberSpace

National Association of Social Workers

North American Association of Christians in Social Work

Law and Society Association

Heritage Foundation Marriage and Family Facts and Data

PREPARE PreMarital Inventory & Counseling

The Institute for American Values

Religious Research Association

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

Association for the Sociology of Religion

Statistical Abstracts (Census Bureau)

More Information

B.A. in Sociology

The Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology equips students with the critical thinking and communication skills to excel in both graduate study and a variety of careers.

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After Graduation

Students graduating with a degree in sociology pursue careers in counseling, social work, public policy, law, business, media and government.

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Current Students

​​Every student's story is different, and how you choose to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to learn, grow and flourish is up to you.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Sociology​

The Department of Sociology at Grove City College offers students the academic freedom to conduct meaningful, relevant research alongside experienced and accomplished faculty.

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Minor in Sociology

Students complete 18 credit hours of course requirements to minor in sociology.

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Internships in Sociology

Many sociology students intern during their sophomore and junior years and during the summer.

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