Frequently Asked Questions

How is psychology at Grove City College different compared to other colleges and universities? 

The psychology major at Grove City College is, in most respects, like psychology at any other college or university in the country. As indicated on our web site, the psychology faculty remains dedicated to liberal arts training with a commitment to mainstream scientific psychology. As such, you will learn at Grove City College the same psychology that you would learn as a psychology major at other colleges. You will not be taught a "Christian psychology" (if such a topic could even be defined). You will be trained in mainstream, empirical, psychological science because that is what you will need to know as you pursue your psychological training in graduate school and as you use your psychological expertise at work. You will also, however, learn about how to begin the process of integrating psychological science with Christian faith. We believe that integration of faith and learning is also important, and it is in this area that psychology at Grove City College is different than psychology at many other colleges and universities. This integration process will begin with PSYC 101, Foundations of Psychological Science and will continue, where appropriate, in many of the psychology courses that you take. Psychology at Grove City College is also different in that, unlike at most larger colleges and universities, you will have the opportunity to get to know members of the faculty and to become involved in research with them. For example, in the Advanced Research Methods course, you will work alongside a faculty member in developing, conducting, and reporting on your own research project. In this way as well, being a psychology major at Grove City College can be different from studying psychology at other, larger colleges.

What if I have taken Psyc 101 at another college or university?

 If you have taken Psyc 101 at another college or university, you can usually transfer those credits to GCC and not have to take Foundations of Psychological Science here. However, if you want Psyc 101 to count toward GCC's Foundations General Education requirement you must take Psyc 101 here at Grove City or transfer your Psyc 101 credits from the other institution and ALSO take Psyc 105: Perspectives on Psychology. The description for this course is below.

Psyc 105: Perspectives on Psychology is designed to fulfill the Foundations requirement for students who have taken introductory psychology at another institution. The course will focus on the ways in which a Christian worldview impacts the study of psychology. Topics to be covered will complement those topics typically covered in the Foundations of Psychological Science course emphasizing the integration of Christianity and psychology. This course may not be taken by a student who has completed PSYC 101 at Grove City College. Prerequisite: Psychology 101 (taken at another institution).

What is the difference between a B.A. and a B.S. in psychology?

Following a curriculum review in 2006, the Department of Psychology decided to offer a B.S. in psychology in addition to the B.A. For many years, psychology majors at Grove City College received the B.A. degree upon graduation and were very successful at obtaining admission to graduate schools or finding employment. The addition of the B.S. merely gives our majors, many of whom are also majoring in other fields such as biology, an option. The basic difference between the two is that the B.S. offers more exposure to the natural sciences and to the more experimental courses within psychology. Neither degree is better than the other. Both the B.A. and the B.S. will prepare you for graduate school or for work following your college career. By default, as a psychology major you will be placed in the B.A. track unless you specifically tell the Registrar that you want the B.S. option. Please talk with your academic advisor about which option might be the one for you.