Touring Choir

The Grove City College Touring Choir is comprised of 45 singers chosen at the beginning of the academic year. The choir seeks to praise and glorify God and to minister to others through the medium of music, striving together to achieve choral excellence. In addition to the annual spring tour, the choir performs for churches and schools in the Western Pennsylvania area, and at various campus events.​

The choir has visited virtually every state east of the Mississippi River during previous tours. The choir has performed in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit. 

Membership in Grove City College Touring Choir is determined by an audition of interested students at the beginning of the school year. Members come from many different academic disciplines and choose the Touring Choir as an extracurricular activity. Dr. Katherine Mueller is the director of the Touring Choir.

Spring Tour 2017

Touring Choir: A Brief History
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