Internships & Employment

Internships & Employment

Following graduation, many of our highly sought-after graduates accept positions as music teachers in public or private schools, become involved in music business and enter management roles in music-related fields. Many graduates also go on to pursue advanced degrees in music.​

Recent graduates are employed by:

     • Loudon County, Seneca Valley, Phoenix area, Maryland County and Bethel Park public schools
     • Urban Impact in Pittsburgh, PA
     • The Piano Academy of Scranton
     • The Trinity Fellows Program, Charlottesville, VA
     • Military bands

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B.M. in Music Education Leading to K-12 Certification

Students majoring in music leading to K-12 certification in music education take courses specific to the education major, along with a core of liberal arts courses.

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B.M. Music, Religion

The Bachelor of Music degree in music/religion prepares students for graduate study and careers in music ministry and Christian education.

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B.M. in Music

​The Bachelor of Music degree in music requires advanced instrumental or vocal work in an applied major area over a student’s four years of study.​​

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Minor in Music

​Students minoring in music can take advantage of an impressive range of ensemble and course options along with a wide variety of private instrument lessons.​​

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B.M. in Music, Business

The Bachelor of Music degree in music/business prepares students for employment in the areas of music merchandising or arts management.
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