After Graduation

Students graduating with a B.A. in a Modern Language are well prepared for careers in translation, teaching, government, social work, bilingual services, interpretation, foreign service and more. Many students continue their studies at competitive professional and graduate programs. Recent graduates have been admitted to programs at:
     •Boston University
     •Dickinson College
     •Duke University
     •Duquesne University
     •George Mason University
     •Harvard University
     •Johns Hopkins University
     •Kent State University
     •Middlebury College
     •Millersville University
     •Ohio State University
     •Pennsylvania State University
     •Princeton University
     •Thunderbird University
     •Tulane University
     •University of Akron
     •University of Chicago
     •University of Iowa College of Medicine
     •University of North Carolina
     •University of Notre Dame
     •University of Paris – Sorbonne
     •University of Pittsburgh   
     •University of Wisconsin
     •Vanderbilt University
     •Villanova University

Graduates with a degree in French or Spanish leading to teacher certification are thoroughly equipped with the pedagogical, intellectual and professional tools they need to plan, assess and adapt language instruction to elementary, middle and high school students with different learning styles and capabilities in various ethnic settings and socio-economic groups.

Students interested in pursuing an advanced degree can learn more from THESE helpful links, or view a suggested timeline in applying for graduate school.

Click HERE for tips on how to prepare for a career using foreign languages.

Click HERE for information on major employers of graduates with foreign language experience.

Click HERE for a list of websites with career opportunities for graduates with foreign language experience.


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International Affiliations

​Grove City College International Study Partnerships are unique: they are College run and managed partnerships with universities in the host country, so you’re not only getting an international education, you’re doing it with peers from Grove City College.​

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Office of International Education

​At Grove City College, we believe that travel is essential for growth. That’s why we make it as easy and affordable as possible for our students to study abroad.

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Study Abroad

​Travel during college is important to broadening your world, and no matter your major, you can study abroad. If you’re the type to really cast off the reins and explore an international university and culture on your own, the Office of International Education will pair you with the right program​.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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B.A. in French

​The Bachelor of Arts degree in French equips students to become skilled participants in today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world and prepares them to excel in both graduate study and a wide variety of careers.

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