Scott Alford - FreedomWorks

FreedomWorks offered an incredible opportunity to intern in Washington, D.C. and understand major facets of government policy and successful activism. As an Economic Research intern for FreedomWorks, I was afforded an opportunity to research and write about relevant policy issues primarily on economics policy but also civil liberty and activism issues. I was blessed to have my policy research published by FreedomWorks and other policy journals such as Real Clear Policy. The FreedomWorks Internship provided me hands on opportunity to translate ideas of self-government and free enterprise into public policy research.
Aside from our intern duties, FreedomWorks provided a weekly outlet to pursue excellence as scholars and activists. Each week, the interns and a handful of FreedomWorks staff dialogued about classical works of such authors as Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Russell Kirk or F.A. Hayek. FreedomWorks encouraged their interns to attend speeches and rallies to expand our knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a free republican society. FreedomWorks challenged and humbled me as a scholar and activist to pursue the truth and communicate with excellence.
I would highly encourage anyone dedicated to a free society and free enterprise to strongly consider the opportunity that the FreedomWorks Internship Program has to offer.
– Scott Alford '15
History and Economics Major

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