Scott Alford – National Center for Public Policy Research

Interning in Washington is a quite an experience, especially when working in a controversial field like HealthCare research.

This summer I worked as the personal intern of Dr. David Hogberg at the National Center for Public Policy Research.

Foremost, the internship provided an outlet for rigorous original research helping Dr. Hogberg collect HealthCare data. From scouring the Library of Congress archives to cold-calling government agencies, the National Center allowed me to learn the difficulty and reward of difficult research. The cost of good research can be done seemingly through blood, sweat and tears, but the reward of finishing your search can be a satisfying experience.

Often, the research I helped collect was used in articles, publications and the book Dr. Hogberg was writing. The History and Economics departments taught me to research effectively and helped me stand out in the positions I was placed.

Another key function I was blessed to serve as intern was an editor for Dr. Hogberg’s blogs and his soon to be released book on Medicare and the struggles of government ability to manage the care of the elderly.  I thoroughly enjoyed editing the materials with Dr. Hogberg to hone the writing for his publications.

Finally, the National Center provided the freedom to write some original blogs on topics ranging from the student loan market to Income Inequality. While I learned a lot about healthcare, I brought an economics background and fresh perspective to the National Center for Public Policy Research’s blog.

– Scott Alford '15
History and Economics Major

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