​Venture Labs​​​

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Grove City College and the Highmark Business Innovation Team offer entrepreneurship students a unique business lab: the Grove City College VentureLab: A Highmark Business Innovation Partner.

The VentureLab@OldeTown, located in Olde Town Grove City, and the VentureLab@LindenPointe, housed at the eCenter@LindenPointe in Hermitage, Pa. LindenPointe is a science, technology, engineering and math start-up business incubator roughly 30 minutes from campus.

The VentureLab is an early-stage business idea lab that provides seed funding, workspace and guidance to carefully screened teams. Our VentureLabs allow entrepreneurship majors and non-majors alike to help the Grove City College campus community explore and develop new ventures based on their own original concepts.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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B.S. in Entrepreneurship

​The degree provides a solid foundation to students wishing to impact the world through their business ventures, non-profit ideas and creative solutions to problems in the real world.

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​The Department helps connect students with alumni and employers in the fields that best complement their classroom learning experience and specialized interests.

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After Graduation

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Minor in Entrepreneurship

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