Related Resources

Related Resources

Recommended resources by the Department of Entrepreneurship faculty at Grove City College include:

BlueTree Allied Angels is a regional group of accredited investors who invest in regional early-stage companies. This members-only organization is designed to operate as a network of private equity investors who meet on a monthly basis to evaluate and consider pre-institutional, early-stage investments.

AlphaLab provides the essential elements for startup companies to get off the ground successfully: funding, business assistance, advisors, space, and a supportive entrepreneurial community. By combining these ingredients in an intensive program, AlphaLab provides companies a unique opportunity to accelerate their growth and development. Twice a year, AlphaLab will select up to six companies to participate in the program.

Pennsylvania Open for Business is the result of the Commonwealth’s effort to make Pennsylvania the easiest place in the world to start, sustain and expand a business.  This web site gives entrepreneurs “one stop” access to business information. Entrepreneurs can explore financial options, download many of the important forms necessary to start and expand a business, and electronically register a business with the Pennsylvania Departments of Labor and Industry, Revenue, and State.

Help Startups “Your single point of access for entrepreneurial support.”

Evangelical Fellowship International (EFI) equips indigenous Christian organizations in India and other developing nations to serve more effectively, so that Jesus Christ will be glorified and individuals in these countries will have greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Deep Springs International partners with Haitians to provide a sustainable water treatment business model in Haiti. This not only provides safe drinking water at an affordable price, but can be replicated from village to village. Instead of bypassing local organizations, we develop partnerships with local schools, churches, microfinance institutions, and public health organizations; Instead of just giving advice, we are empowering young people with entrepreneurial skills through a business educational program to earn a living by helping their communities.