B.S. in Middle Level (4-8) Math and English Education

​B.S. in Middle Level (4-8) Math and English Education​

The Bachelor of Science degree in middle level (4-8) math/English education provides a solid foundation to students wishing to educate the young men and women of tomorrow. Students majoring in middle level (4-8) math/English education take courses specific to the education major, along with a core of liberal arts courses. In addition to their education major courses, middle level (4-8) math/English education majors take three courses from the Department of Mathematics and three courses from the Department of English.

Along with 103 credit hours of major coursework, middle level (4-8) math/English education majors are exposed to real-life teaching situations during field experiences and student teaching.  
Students should refer to the College Bulletin​ for major status sheets and information regarding state-specific certification requirements that are additional to the curriculum.​ ​
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Secondary Education

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After Graduation

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Student Teaching

The student teaching semester is one of the most important elements in a student’s development as a teacher and Grove City College gives students the best experience possible.

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