Internships & Employment

Internships​ & Employment

Often, our students intern at economic and public policy think tanks, businesses and financial institutions, including:
     • Charles Koch Institute
     • Heritage Foundation
     • Bloomberg Financial
     • Wells Fargo

Economics graduates are well poised for graduate study in economics or law, as well as direct entry into careers in business, public policy and the non-profit sector.

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B.A. in Economics

​After completing both major and core requirements, students will be able to articulate and critique a variety of economic viewpoints and will be equipped for careers in a wide range of fields including economics, public policy and philanthropy.

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Related Resources

​Economics students at Grove City College are also encouraged to take advantage of a variety of extracurricular resources such as conferences, seminars and study abroad opportunities to deepen their economic understanding.

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​Often, our students intern at economic and public policy think tanks including the Charles Koch Institute, the Heritage Foundation and others.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​Economics students practice and develop their knowledge through a variety of research opportunities, including independent studies and research assistantships with economics faculty.

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Minor in Economics

​The minor equips students with an excellent foundation to understand and apply western classical economic theory in contemporary society, serving as an excellent complement to any other field of study.

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Current Students

​Each year, talented students from around the world bring their intellect, work ethic and enthusiasm to Grove City College and make the most of all the Department of Economics and the campus have to offer.

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