After Graduation

Grove City College communication studies students are well prepared to continue their education or to immediately enter the workforce after graduation.

Recently, students have been accepted to graduate and professional programs at Vanderbilt, Texas Tech, Baylor, Case-Western Reserve, Emerson College, Florida, George Mason, Kent State, University of Maryland, Northern Illinois, University of Pittsburgh, Regent, University of Toledo, and others.

Graduates have also gone on to jobs in journalism, public relations, management, marketing, graphic design, television, film, editing, publishing, technical writing, politics, and theatre, working for a wide range of companies and organizations including ESPN Radio, Teach For America, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, National Center for Policy Analysis and Compassion International.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

​The Department of Communication Studies at Grove City College offers students the academic freedom to conduct meaningful, relevant research alongside experienced and accomplished faculty.

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Related Resources

​Recommended resources by the Department of Communication Studies faculty at Grove City College.

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Minor in Communication Studies

​Students complete 18 credit hours of course requirements to minor in communication studies.

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B.A. in Communication Studies

​The Bachelor of the Arts degree in communication studies prepares students for diverse careers in mass media, interpersonal, group and organizational communication and for graduate and professional study.

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Minor in Theatre

​The minor is open to all students and offers the opportunity to develop foundational skills in the craft of the theatre.

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​As a way to gain practical experience, internships provide students with hands-on skills in the field of their choice and increase their value to potential employers after graduation.

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