B.A. in Biblical and Religious Studies​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​The Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical and religious studies combines 36 credit hours of course requirements in addition to the College core curriculum. The major, grounded in the texts, issues and concerns of the Church throughout the centuries, explores issues in biblical, theological and historical studies. Students consider religious questions posed both by Christians and others throughout history. Pre-Theological students are advised to include a number of liberal arts courses in their work, including English, history, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, political science, Greek, and a modern foreign language.

Students should refer to the College Bulletin​ or the major status sheet for complete information regarding major requirements.​


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Minor in Interdisciplinary Classics

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Minor in Christian Ministries

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After Graduation

​A degree in biblical and religious studies prepares students for a number of careers, including missions, ministry and academia.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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B.A. in Biblical and Religious Studies

The B.A. in Biblical and Religious Studies explores issues in biblical, theological and historical studies.  Learn More