The Department of Physics at Grove City College is committed to helping its students secure internships at some of the nation’s leading research facilities to advance their studies in specific interest areas.

Recent internships have included research in optics at Lehigh and the University of Rochester, medical physics at Hampton University, nanotechnology at the University of South Florida, missile sensors at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, electron cloud measurement at Cornell University and more. Some are listed below:

Student Summer Professional Experiences 2013
    • Allen Scheie 14 – Italy through UF, Low-temperature gravitational wave detector research
    • Laura Ellen Maher 14 – RIT, astronomy research with binary star system accretion disk
    • Libby Carbone 14 – Grove City College, physics ed research
    • Libby Carbone 14 – Teaching Assistant at Johns Hopkins CTY
    • Matthew Wespetal 14 – Oral Roberts, nanoparticle research
    • Nate Rupprecht 14 – Grove City College, mathematics research
    • Lauren Dallachiesa 15 – Idaho State University, nanotech research
    • Kenton McFaul 15 – Penn State, nanotech research
    • Jeremy Smith 15 – Army Research Labs, Building Better Deep-UV Photodetectors
    • Ashley Lindow 15 – Grove City College, physics ed research

Student Summer Professional Experiences 2012
    • Patricia Ingraham 13 – SRI International, biosensor research
    • Allen Scheie 14 – SPS Mather Public Policy intern
    • Matthew Goszewski 13 – SPS APS Physics Quest intern
    • Laura Ellen Maher 14 – U Rochester, optics research
    • Zachary Bazan 14 – Grove City College, physics ed research
    • Joshua Werner 13 – Grove City College, physics ed research
    • Peter Foster 13 – Grove City College, chemistry research
    • Andy Lundeen 15 – Grove City College, astronomy research
    • Jacob Gearhart 15 – Grove City College, astronomy research
    • Matthew Geismann 13 – InterSystems corporate internship
    • Michael Royster 13 – KEYW corporate internship
    David Lewis 13 – Penn State Hershey College Medicine Scholars Program

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