After Graduation 

Graduates from the Department of Physics at Grove City College are prepared to excel in a wide variety of industries, as well as top graduate and professional programs.

The broad applicability of a physics degree stems from the universal nature of the analytical problem-solving skills learned in physics coursework. Upon graduation, students are prepared for graduate work in physics and have done so at schools such as:

     • University of Pennsylvania
     • Johns Hopkins University
     • Carnegie Mellon University
     • Penn State University
     • University of Maryland
     • Georgetown University
     • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
     • Temple University
     • University of Tennessee
     • University of New Hampshire
     • University of Illinois
     • University of Washington
     • Colorado State University
     • University of Notre Dame
     • West Virginia University
     • University of Virginia
     • Clemson University
     • Georgia Tech University
     • Oxford University (UK)
     • Vanderbilt University
     • University of Albany
     • University of Michigan
     • University of Texas
     • Notre Dame University

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Physics Major Leading to 7-12 Certification

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Summer Research Projects

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