Senior Exeperience in Electrical Design

Senior Experience in Electrical Design

Every year all senior students undertake an intensive year-long team design project in the Senior Experience in Electrical Design program (SEED). SEED begins at the end of the junior year when students are formed into project teams of four to six students and begin brainstorming about project ideas. When students come back for their senior year, it's full speed ahead on project work. Teams create official project proposals, carry their design through the "on-paper" phase and then begin hands-on work in the lab.

Faculty mentor students throughout the process and help keep teams on schedule. The projects culminate with group presentations in the spring, where parents, faculty, students and industry representatives are invited for an evening of multi-media presentations. A panel of industry representatives judge students on their presentations and prizes are awarded to the highest scoring teams.

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​The vast majority of students studying electrical and computer engineering at Grove City College participate in at least one and often several internships before they graduate.

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Computer Engineering Concentration

​ Students take a series of courses that offer in-depth study of advanced C++ programming, operating systems, microprocessors, software engineering and computer architecture.

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Senior Experience

​Every year all senior students undertake an intensive year-long team design project as Senior Experience in Electrical Design program (SEED).

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Electrical Engineering Concentration

​A concentration in electrical engineering requires advanced lab work and hands-on experience in the use of electronic and electrical devices including transformers, motors, generators, as well as discrete active and passive components, test equipment and instrumentation.

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B.S. in Electrical Engineering

​The Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Grove City College prepares students for graduate work and employment in research, design and development, management, sales, manufacturing and education, as well as top graduate and professional programs.

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After Graduation

After graduation, our students find success in a wide variety of career fields including industry, academia and research.

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