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Recommended resources by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty at Grove City College include:

IEEE Global History Network - Lots of articles focusing on the history of innovation in electrical engineering, electronics and computing.

Sloan Career Cornerstone - Career planning resources for the electrical engineering profession.  Interested in finding out more about the vast array of career opportunities open to electrical engineers?  Take a look at this site. - Designed to give you an idea of what the engineering profession is.

A Sightseer's Guide to Engineering - Examples of interesting engineering projects from all around the country.

Engineering - Go for it!  More information about a wide variety of engineering careers from the American Society of Engineering Education.

Engineering's Grand Challenges - Information from the National Academy of Engineering on major challenges awaiting engineering solutions in the 21st century.

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B.S. in Electrical Engineering

​The Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Grove City College prepares students for graduate work and employment in research, design and development, management, sales, manufacturing and education, as well as top graduate and professional programs.

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​The vast majority of students studying electrical and computer engineering at Grove City College participate in at least one and often several internships before they graduate.

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Senior Experience

​Every year all senior students undertake an intensive year-long team design project as Senior Experience in Electrical Design program (SEED).

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Summer Research Projects

Take an in-depth look at recent Grove City College student and faculty scholarly work in the Hopeman School of Science, Engineering and Mathematics.​

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Electrical Engineering Concentration

​A concentration in electrical engineering requires advanced lab work and hands-on experience in the use of electronic and electrical devices including transformers, motors, generators, as well as discrete active and passive components, test equipment and instrumentation.

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Computer Engineering Concentration

​ Students take a series of courses that offer in-depth study of advanced C++ programming, operating systems, microprocessors, software engineering and computer architecture.

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