After Graduation

Graduates from the Department of Chemistry at Grove City College are prepared to excel in top graduate, medical and professional programs as well as gain competitive positions in a wide range of professional sectors. Recent graduates have pursued graduate degrees at:

     • Harvard University
     • University of Virginia
     • Purdue University
     • Penn State University
     • Montana State University
     • Rutgers University
     • University of Florida
     • Texas A&M University
     • Iowa State University
     • Tulane University
     • Loyola University – Chicago
     • Vanderbilt University
     • Texas Tech University
     • University of Pittsburgh
     • Duquesne University
     • Scripps Research Institute – Florida
     • University of Colorado
     • Carnegie Mellon University
     • Stanford University
     • University of Rochester

Other alumni have attended medical and/or schools such as:

     • University of Virginia
     • West Virginia University
     • University of Cincinnati
     • University of Pittsburgh
     • University of Kentucky
     • Temple University
     • Georgetown University
     • Penn State University
     • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
     • Drexel University
     • Wake Forest University
     • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
     • Commonwealth College of Medicine
     • Tufts University

Other grads have received doctorates in Pharmacy from:

     • University of Pittsburgh
     • Ohio State University
     • Northeast Ohio College of Medicine
     • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
     • Vanderbilt University

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Current Students

Every student’s story is different, and how you choose to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to learn, grow and flourish is up to you.

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B.S. in Chemistry

​The Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry prepares students for professional programs, graduate study and employment in chemical research or professional sectors.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Chemistry

​The Department of Chemistry at Grove City College offers students the academic freedom to conduct meaningful, relevant research alongside experienced and accomplished faculty.

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Summer Research Projects

Take an in-depth look at recent Grove City College student and faculty scholarly work in the Hopeman School of Science, Engineering and Mathematics.​

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After their sophomore and junior years, many students participate in summer internships at a broad spectrum of universities and industrial research laboratories.

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Minor in Chemistry

​​A minor in chemistry requires 24 hours of coursework. This includes a 16-credit hour chemistry core and eight credit hours of electives chosen from approved chemistry courses.

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