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Brittany Saylor

Brittany Saylor

Becoming a Sociology Major at Grove City College has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. I chose to study sociology because I knew that whatever job I pursued would have to include a great deal of interpersonal interactions.

The sociology program at Grove City College exceeded my expectations. I walk away from every class with knowledge that will be of great help me both inside and outside of the office. I am not just learning about people, but about why they do what they do. There are many courses offered in the sociology major that enable students to pursue a sociology degree that fits their pursuits, such as criminal justice, social work or counseling.

The sociology faculty is wonderful. Each professor is very intelligent and willing to help with whatever issues you encounter. The professors are what make the sociology classes interesting and valuable because they have such unique life experiences to bring to the table.

Life experience is not just talked about though—the faculty is quick to make students aware of opportunities for internships and jobs within the field of sociology.

At Grove City College, sociology is not just a study, but an applicable discipline that can be easily and effectively applied to the real world.