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Lauren Cipoletti

Lauren Cipoletti

The Political Science department at Grove City was so attractive because most teachers are politically conservative, which is rare. In all cases, everything is taught according to a Christian worldview, which you can't find anywhere else. I love that while the professor's views are so similar to mine, they stretch my thinking--and it makes for great conversations. All of the professors in the Political Science department are very engaging and extremely well read and researched.

There are a lot of electives offered within the Political Science department, and it really helps give me an opportunity to focus on things I like and want to study. I like to take the classes that focus on international politics, but there are also classes about political theory and American politics.
In today's world, politics is unavoidable; decisions made by our government and politicians affect how we live our lives day-to-day. My studies have helped me learn about the political process so I can participate in my country's politics as an informed citizen. It also helps give me context in understanding our relations with other countries and the courses of action our government pursues.
This summer I had the exciting opportunity to intern with President Judge Doerr at the Butler County Courthouse. President Jewell, working with the Law Society, is so helpful in getting students internships with judges across the country to give us real experience, and to help us see what a legal career would look like.   This year I'm applying to grad schools and law schools, and I hope to one day be a lawyer for the Navy Judge Advocate General Corps!