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Nolan Foecking

Nolan Foecking

I was encouraged to attend Grove City College by my mother and sister, both alumni of the college. I started as a mechanical engineer, but later switched to exercise science after discovering a love of health and fitness.

My convictions for these values matured after taking the core classes in the humanities. My studies deepened my understanding of my Creator. Knowing that man is created in God’s image helped me understand that the human body is to be treated as a temple of God. Health and fitness can allow us to pursue our true potential and get the most out of what God has so graciously given to us.
The atmosphere of my major is relaxed and practical, and gives me the opportunity to apply course topics to everyday life. Much of my learning has occurred outside of the classroom with professors and peers.
After graduation, I’m excited to help people reach their full potential concerning health and fitness. I want others to live long happy lives, reaching their potential in whatever they pursue.