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Natalie Keibler

Natalie Keibler

I went to Grove City College with a Studio Art minor at the start of my junior year. To me, it was a gateway and outlet for creative expression at school. I have loved every moment of it.  

Having a liberal arts education at Grove City College has completely enhanced my life in nearly every aspect. Intellectually, I have matured a great deal and view the world critically and proactively, rather than just accepting what I see at face-value. I believe this has prepared, challenged and stretched me—not only academically but also socially and spiritually.
As far as my relationships with professors go: I love them. The art professors are absolutely amazing. They are easy to talk to and always excited about helping students reach their full potential. I am able to meet with them and discuss my ideas without fear of rejection but confidence that they will help me and improve my ideas.
I have just completed an art internship this summer as the visual display intern at Anthropologie, a trendy women’s clothing store in Pittsburgh. There, I worked behind the scenes with the stores visual manager as her assistant, creating window displays and decorations throughout the store. For my biggest project, I helped create and design a 14-foot typography out of cardboard and dyed tissue paper.
I’m proud to have had this opportunity to have fostered my passion in art at Grove City College.