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Moriah Ujano

Moriah Ujano

​I was drawn to Grove City College because of its renown for challenging academics and affordability. As an involved athlete in high school, I also sought an opportunity to continue in the arena of sports. The deciding factor for coming to Grove City College was securing a position on the Varsity Dive Team.  

I selected English as a major because I have a passion for literature and creating emotion with words. Because I have had the opportunity to study in a liberal arts school, I have been given a more specific social context from the period in which I am examining, providing me with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the work.
The major itself has given me a new way of thinking that shapes the way I understand literature. I can no longer gloss over a piece of writing because I find myself constantly stopping to examine the significance of a repeated word or theme or wondering why the author decided to describe something in a particular way.
What started out as an education turned into a journey that ultimately renewed my mind. I have Grove City College to thank for that.