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Greg Deinert

Greg Deinert

The size of Grove City College was a significant factor in my decision-making process when considering colleges to attend. With an average classroom size of 25, I knew the atmosphere would be more interactive and consequently, more rewarding. I have not been disappointed: since I began studying at Grove City College as an English major, I have enjoyed a personal, warm atmosphere with my classmates and professors.

The liberal arts education at Grove City College is extremely helpful to me as an English major because it lends perspective to my study of literature. Having a historical perspective on a work of literature only enriches my reading experience. Understanding the progression of the entire western canon allows me to further appreciate my specific studies in literature. Without a comprehensive liberal arts education with its insight into history, culture, art, music and literature of the western world, I am certain my study of English would be incomplete.
During my three years here, I have had the opportunity to take multiple courses from each professor in the Department of English, and I have enjoyed talking with them about their different perspectives and opinions on literature. The professors are intentional about keeping their office doors open and are more than willing to speak with me when I have a question related to a specific course, a book I’m reading or just life in general. The Grove City College experience is like a family, and it doesn’t take long to feel right at home.