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Laura Wendlandt

Laura Wendlandt

As I was looking for a college to study computer science, I wasn’t sure what I wanted in a school. I had very limited experience in programming, but the subject fascinated me. I considered various schools, but the academic atmosphere and close-knit environment at Grove City College stood out to me. I decided to take a chance and apply.

After being immersed in the Department of Computer Science for a year, I can honestly say I made the right choice. This is a place where both students and professors are passionate for computers and writing code. The professors are approachable and tremendously knowledgeable about their subjects. Through classes and extracurricular activities, I’ve had the opportunity to know many of my professors well. They have encouraged me to continue pursuing computer science and have taught me to appreciate the intricacies of coding.
I’m not yet certain what I’m going to do with my degree after I graduate, but I have peace knowing I’m getting a solid education that I can apply in a variety of areas. Whether I go on to graduate school or enter the corporate world, Grove City College is giving me the skills and knowledge I will need to succeed.
Deciding to come to Grove City College to study computer science was the best choice I could have made. Here I have grown in my ability to think logically, to analyze problems and to translate my thoughts into a well-written computer program. The computer science department is deeply committed to learning, and I wouldn’t want to study anywhere else.