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Edward Quigley

Edward Quigley

My college search was spent looking for a Christian school with a renowned computer science department, as well as an effective career services office. Grove City College has satisfied my requirements in all of these areas.

The abilities I have gained through my coursework in the department, coupled with the efforts of the Career Services Office, have enabled me to secure technical internships at two different companies: InterSystems and PPG Industries. Grove City College prepared me well for both experiences, and in turn, these opportunities fostered my continued learning and growth.
The computer science professors are, in my opinion, the department’s most valuable asset. Small class sizes as well as extracurricular activities like programming competitions and tutoring have made it possible for me to build close relationships with the College’s faculty. Knowing my professors on a personal level has also led to research opportunities. I have had the opportunity to participate in research projects concerning computer graphics visualization as well as distributed artificial intelligence. Exposure to research has been very valuable to me as I consider whether I will pursue a graduate degree in the future.
As I enter my final year, my biggest problem is deciding which of the many available opportunities I ought to pursue upon graduation. These opportunities attest to the quality of the education the school offers. I highly recommend Grove City College.