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Jonathan Caspers

Jonathan Caspers


I heard of Grove City College’s reputation from many different sources and was resolved to investigate the College further. My candid conversations with Dr. Markley, the chair of Grove City College’s Department of Business reinforced my decision to apply. I discovered that Grove City College’s Business faculty is motivated by a deep passion for their subject and a desire to see their students succeed in the real world.

As a junior, I had a unique opportunity to work with a team of five other students in my strategic marketing class with Professor Daniel Telep. We worked over an entire semester with a local company called ILSCO to develop a marketing strategy for creating an industrial park and liquidating excess company assets. At the end of the semester, we presented our findings and a write-up to the company president. Hands-on, real-world opportunities like these are plentiful for students in Grove City College’s Department of Business.
International business students go on to work in imports and exports, marketing and numerous other fields in the globalized workforce. Though my future is uncertain, Grove City College has given me the tools to pursue my calling with confidence and vigor.