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Lory J Al Mokar Assistant Professor of Computer Science  Computer Science  almoakarlj@gcc.edu 
Todd A Allen Professor of Communication Studies  Communication Studies  TAAllen@gcc.edu 
Blair T Allison Chair, Professor of Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  btallison@gcc.edu 
Erik J Anderson Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  EJAnderson@GCC.EDU 
William P. Anderson Professor of Sociology  Sociology  WPAnderson@gcc.edu 
Kathryn S Anderson Guest Lecturer in Humanities  English  KSAnderson@GCC.EDU 
Lisa M Antoszewski Assistant Professor of Biology  Biology  LMAntoszewski@gcc.edu 
C M Archibald Professor of Mechanical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  cmarchibald@gcc.edu 
Joseph D Augspurger Professor of Chemistry  Chemistry  jdaugspurger@gcc.edu 
David J. Ayers Dean, Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters  Sociology  djayers@gcc.edu 
David S Baglia Chair, Professor of Accounting  Accounting  dsbaglia@gcc.edu 
Thomas G Ball Director of Financial Aid; Guest Lecturer in Political Science  Financial Aid  TGBall@GCC.EDU