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College CSO and author Garrett Miller host professional development

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College CSO and author Garrett Miller host professional development


​The Career Services Offices of Grove City College and author Garrett Miller will be hosting career service professionals and corporate recruiters for professional development on April 30 and May 1.

Miller has been working with career service offices as a recruiter and advisor for the last 15 years. Miller’s company CoTria has worked with some of the world’s top organizations helping them improve productivity and incorporating the work ethic, humility, integrity and maturity (WHIM) philosophies to improve their hiring practices. He has also partnered with many schools, sharing the AEIOU principles found in “Hired ‘Right’” to help both faculty and students discover the career that best suits each student’s gifts and talents.

Miller’s goal for the first session is to address the important task of engaging students early in their college career. “I believe that the earlier students are engaged in their studies, the better they do in every aspect of their college and post-college career. The key is helping them catch a vision of who they are and what they can become,” Miller said. “Using tools and concepts found in ‘Right,’ career service professionals will be able find new and exciting ideas to help them in the monumental task of helping students move from their classes to their calling. These sessions are designed to be highly interactive so that the ideas being generated can translate to everyday practical tools.”

The following day, Miller will lead an interactive session drawing on his many years as a successful corporate recruiter. “The process of hiring is the most important task performed at any company. Bringing the right people into one’s organization is the life-blood of the company’s future. Bringing in the wrong people is one of the surest ways to derail growth and productivity,” Miller said. Attendees will be exposed to processes involved sourcing candidates, processing résumés, interviewing as well as pre- and post-interview best practices. “It is not enough to ask the right questions, there are simple tools and processes that can help recruiters find more success in their recruiting efforts,” Miller said.

“We are excited to welcome Garrett Miller back to campus here at Grove City. For 10 years we were honored to have Garrett recruit for a Fortune 50 corporation. His interactions with our office and students have left a lasting impression. We have benefited from his time as a recruiter and most recently as a writer and lecturer. We are looking forward to sharing his ideas and best practices with our recruiters and Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers colleagues,” Dr. Jim Thrasher, director of Grove City’s Career Services Office, said.