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Ruthie Thorne

Ruthie Thorne

A part of the reason I chose to major in Spanish is because I come from an area in Virginia with a large Spanish-speaking population. Consequently, I wanted to attend a college where I could grow in my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. I discovered in my college search that Grove City College had a solid Department of Modern Language that highlighted the rich diversity of the Spanish language and culture.

I had no idea that there were so many different nuances of the language, like accents, or that there are six different ways to say “peas!” I like that I can choose courses in Spanish and Latin American literature and civilization, both ancient and modern. Things I have learned from my art history and literature classes have also helped me immensely in my studies, which show part of why a liberal arts education is so valuable.
Attending a small liberal arts school has also allowed me to build good relationships with faculty. Each professor offers a unique accent and set of experiences, like Señorita Forrester, who knows everything there is to know about Spain, or Señora Ligo, a native speaker from Mexico. The professors have helped me grow not only in the classroom, but as a person. Whether I’m writing a paper, applying for a summer job, or in need of personal advice, they have been there to help.

With their mentorship and recommendations, I have been able to obtain positions as a camp counselor and as a resident assistant at the Virginia Spanish Governor’s School. After college, I hope to return to my home state and apply to become a Spanish teacher. I thank the Department of Modern Languages at Grove City College for paving the way for me.