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Joshua Fischer

Joshua Fischer

As an entrepreneurship major at Grove City College, I have come to learn that innovation is a necessary ingredient to both fueling an existing company as well as developing a completely new business venture. But coupled with a liberal arts education, I have acquired more: a holistic perspective critical to successful innovation. Consequently, I’ve found that my education at Grove City College has been immensely complementary to my business training because it has encouraged me to think outside the box.

Another excellent aspect of Grove City College is the opportunity to be taught under faculty who are experienced in the field of entrepreneurship. I had the opportunity to take an entrepreneurial law class from well-known CNBC financial analyst, Dr. Craig Columbus. I am amazed by the dedication of these professors who continue to work in the field of entrepreneurship but continue to passionately invest in students.

As I have begun to pursue a start-up venture of my own, the faculty at Grove City College has not only made themselves available to me, but have taken an active interest in my goals as an entrepreneur. Over the summer, professors have met with me on several different occasions to discuss my progress and offer advice.

I know I am truly blessed to be in a position of such astounding opportunity, a fact for which I cannot thank Grove City College enough.