Presidential Search

Presidential Search

A message from David Rathburn, chair of the Board of Trustees
March 14, 2014
Dear Grove City College family and friends,

We wanted to update you on the excellent progress that the Search Committee is making regarding the search. First, I have to tell you how pleased I am about how the team of 11 representatives of the entire GCC family is working together in a dedicated collegial way as we contemplate this critically important decision. It is apparent from the significant work that each member does to prepare for our meetings and discussions the commitment that each has made to this process.

When we met this week we narrowed the field under consideration down to a handful of potential candidates. Over the coming month we will meet with each of these candidates in an extended interview process as we seek to discern God’s word in the process of selecting a successor to President Jewell.

We realize that each of you would like to know more about what is going on, but we hope that you understand that in order to attract the best candidates we have to make an absolute commitment to confidentiality. Depending on who the finalists are, that may very well mean that we are unable to expose them to the general campus community. It is a difficult balance for us; we are working hard to ensure that the next President has the broad support of all constituents, but we don’t want to limit the pool of candidates solely to those that are willing to have their name exposed in the public forum. Our consulting firm CarterBaldwin confirms that this is common practice for executive positions of this magnitude.

We ask that you continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we work on your behalf to select the next President of Grove City College. We continue to be pleased with the excellent quality of candidates that this search has attracted, and each of you should be proud that our college has a reputation that would attract such interest.

Thank you for all your support,
David Rathburn ‘79


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