Upcoming Trips

​Upcoming Trips​

International Trips ​
Destination and Description Dates Leaders
Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic Jan. 2-16, 2016 Kayley Heller & Anna Jorgenson
ICO Hato Mayor partners with Meeting God in Missions to minister to the Dominicans and Haitians who live in Hato Mayor. Projects will include assisting with an eye glass clinic, medical clinic, dental clinic, and baseball clinic in different villages each day as well as going on prayer walks and doing door-to-door evangelism. Additionally the team will lead a Vacation Bible School for the children in the villages. There will also be opportunities to be involved in construction.
Montego Bay, Jamaica ​Jan. 3-13, 2016 ​Chad Knox & Kaylee Strawhun
​ICO Jamaica partners with Robin’s Nest Children’s Home to serve the children who live at the home. Possible projects while in Jamaica include education of children (running classes at the on-site preschool, helping with homework or assisting with home schooling of 8-12 year olds, Vacation Bible School, bible study or daily devotions for the children, sports education, e.g. soccer camp); maintenance/improvements to property; general tasks like laundry, cleaning, cooking, childcare; ministry to the staff (education in child development, child psychology, health, nutrition).
Carillos de Poas, Costa Rica ​Jan. 5-17, 2016 ​Abby Friel & Suzanne Holcombe
​ICO Costa Rica partners with La Iglesia Metodista, a church in Carillos de Poas. During the trip the team will be hosting a Vacation Bible School for several days for the local children as well as be involved in construction projects at the church. Past projects have included painting, tiling, grouting, plastering and sanding. The team will also serve the church by building relationships with the people of the church and community. The team will attend church services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.
Nassau, Bahamas ​Jan. 6-15, 2016 ​Emily Rabenold & Lizzie Parsons
​ICO Bahamas partners with Tumpline Ministries and Mission to the World to serve at St. Andrews Kirk in Nassau. The team will work at a nearby Youth Recreation Center doing light construction, painting, and other improvements to the youth center property. The team will also likely hold a VBS as well.
Pespire, Honduras ​Jan. 10-16, 2016 ​Peter Nesbitt & Evelyn Andersen
​ICO Honduras partners with CARE (Central American Relief Efforts) to share the love of Christ with the people of Pespire by providing for their physical needs. The team will work with the CARE staff to hold medical clinics, distribute donated hygiene items, teach dental hygiene to school children, and do eye screenings on children. The team will also help paint a local hospital.
Domestic Trips
Destination and Description Dates Leaders
Providence, Rhode Island
​Nov. 21-27, 2015
Emily Bartlow & Cody Work
​ICO Rhode Island partners with Providence Rescue Mission and helps with food preparation and meal service each day at the Mission, boxing Thanksgiving meals, office work, and general cleaning. Team members also visit with guests and build relationship each evening.
New York City ​Nov. 21-25, 2015 ​Arthur LaMotta, James Leach & Kira Hellweg
​ICO NYC partners with Big Apple Chapel to do a variety of outreaches in NYC. During the trip the team will work with the Christian Youth Theatre to help with their fall production. Additionally, the team will be involved in homeless ministry, partner with NYC Rescue Mission, and do street outreach evangelism.