There are several books, resources, and DVDs in the Campus Ministries library for students to borrow for personal and small group use. The library is located in the Campus Ministries suite on the first floor of Rathburn Hall and resources can be checked out with a member of the Campus Ministries staff.  Please see the complete listing of resources in the library HERE.

Bible Study Helps

This site enables a person to easily look up passages of scripture in several different translations of the Bible. The site also includes a topical index of the Bible.

This helpful site includes a Bible atlas, concordances, Bible dictionary, commentary, daily devotionals, and much more.

This site allows access to several different commentaries, devotionals, charts, lexicons, and study tools.

This site has free downloadable versions of the Bible and other study helps.





Resources for those Struggling with Sexual Sin, Same Sex Attraction and Homosexuality

Rev Tim Geiger,
Harvest USA is a ministry of truth and mercy, proclaiming Christ as Lord to a broken world. The purpose of Harvest USA is to partner with and equip the Church in bringing the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of those affected by sexual sin.
Desert Stream Ministries provides Christ-centered help for those struggling with sexual and relational problems. Their help is founded on the biblical foundation of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God.

Resources for those Struggling with Pornography

Triple X Church provides resources and free accountability software for those struggling with pornography.
An accountability software program for those struggling with pornography.
Dirty Girls Ministries (DGM) exists to provide women with help, hope and healing from pornography and sexual addiction.

If you are struggling with any of these issues, please contact any member of the Campus Ministries staff (Devi Wintrode or Bob White) or a member of the Zerbe Counseling Services team.
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Ministry Groups

​Students are encouraged to get involved in these groups to learn from one another, make a positive impact on the world and to embark on their spiritual journeys together.​​

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Campus Life

​When you come to Grove City College, you become a part of a dynamic and supportive community of lifelong learners. ​​

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​Chapel services are the common expression of our Christian faith as members of the campus community.​​

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Residence Life

​Over 93 percent of our students live on campus where they become a part of a friendly, close-knit living and learning community.​​

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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the principal student governing body.
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Campus Ministries

​At Grove City College, you’re free to pursue your spiritual life as seriously and freely as you want. There are many thriving student ministry groups on campus that will help you to nurture your own spiritual development.​​
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Office of International Education

​At Grove City College, we believe that travel is essential for growth. That’s why we make it as easy and affordable as possible for our students to study abroad.

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Services for Disability

​All students admitted to Grove City College enjoy full access to its programs and services. ​​

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