Doug Knable, '79

B.S. in Business

What have you been doing since graduation?
I am the chairman and CEO of FamilyWealth Management Group, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Why did you choose Grove City College?
I chose Grove City College because of my desire for a quality education at an affordable cost, plus my belief that Grove City College would continue its long, rich history and philosophy driving education, free market economics, and business entrepreneurship in an authentic Christian environment.

What did you learn at Grove City College that was most helpful to you after graduation?
Confidence, commitment to excellence, and the value of quality in all you do.

How did Grove City College impact your life?
Grove City College solidified my religious faith and galvanized my business focus and ethics. I also forged many great lifetime relationships at the College and met the love of my life and spouse for more than 40 years, Marty Kennedy Knable, ’79.

What should prospective students know about Grove City College?
The College will truly assist in the chiseling of your soul, preparing and enabling you to cut your own path in life. 

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